Jasper and the king of the world, go for a party.

Welcome to B78

I’m incredibly excited to be launching B78 coaching and powered programs.  Our goal is to create a dynamic and unique training experience with our powered programs as well offering the same great services through our B78 Platinum coaching. We have an incredible team of coaches, athletes and experts on board to make sure you succeed.

The B78 website is set up to be your ultimate one stop resource for all things endurance training.  Our ever growing library and video library are fantastic resources for the beginner, intermediate and seasoned athlete.  Stay tuned for B78 TV which is coming soon. You can find all of our programs at the B78 store including our be awesome gear.

If you’re wondering what B78 stands for……be fit, be fast, be strong, be smart, be awesome, begin……..be whatever you want to be, B78 is there to help you do it!

be awesome!


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