B78 Partners with Recreation Integration Victoria

B78 is excited to announce that it will be sponsoring Recreation Integration Victoria’s “EQUALIZERS” initiative at this years Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon.

Recreation Integration Victoria (R.I.V) is a non-profit organization that facilitates active lifestyles for people living with disabilities. Through several service options and partnerships in the community we support participants to pursue the activities, or recreational options of their choice.

R.I.V offers a Volunteer Leisure Assistance service which involves matching a person living with a disability with a volunteer who shares similar recreation and leisure interests. This volunteer provides any necessary one to one support to the individual they are matched with when they are pursuing recreational activities out in the community.

R.I.V also offers one-to-one support for children and youth during the summer months so they can be included in generic recreational summer camps that are offered in Greater Victoria as well as residential overnight camps such as Camp Pringle or the Easter Seals Camp where the child has one full week of fun-filled experiences.

These are the two services that RIV fundraising efforts will be focused on,  which will allow participant’s to experience the benefits of active living, recreation and leisure, as well as the benefits of inclusion.

B78 coach Jasper Blake:

“We are very excited to be involved with Recreation Integration Victoria.  R.I.V provides an incredible service for those needing assistance getting out and being active.  We want to support organizations that promote active living and R.I.V’s mission helps people who may otherwise be unable to participate.  We feel that being active is essential to good health and good well being so the decision to get involved was an easy one”

If you are interested in doing the Victoria Marathon and raising funds for Recreation Integration Victoria check out www.rivonline.org or contact their office at (250) 477-6314.  The goal is to get 100 people participating on the EQUALIZERS Team so if you are doing the marathon anyway, why not do it for a great cause!

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