Christine Fletcher running hard.

B78 Athlete of the Month- March 2012

Christine Fletcher has earned our first ever Athlete of the Month award. Christine has shown remarkable courage and fight to come back from an almost career ending injury. Christine fractured her pelvis in August of 2011 and spent several months basically immobilized from the pain and discomfort. A pelvis fracture is incredibly difficult to deal with because the pelvis is so central in the body and so critical to both upper and lower body stability.

When something like this happens to an athlete they are forced to truly evaluate their position in the sport and whether it is worthwhile to keep going. Christine considered calling it a career but was reluctant to leave on terms that were not her own. She has dedicated the last six months exclusively to recovery and coming back to form. Running has obviously been the toughest sport to regain form due to the high impact factor so Christine has been using Nordic skiing as a way to regain some of the weight bearing fitness she will need later in the year. She has already competed in three Loppet’s this season and recently won the Vancouver Island Loppet at the end of March.

Christine has shown incredible tenacity and courage and for that reason we feel she has earned athlete of the month honors!  Congratulations Christine, keep up the great work.

To learn more about Christine visit her website:

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