Mothers Day Races

It was a great weekend for B78 Moms and fittingly so considering it was Mothers day! Dina Altayeb of Saudi Arabia (mother of three) kicked off her 70.3 season with a great effort in Spain at the Mallorca 70.3.  Dina took on the challenging bike course which covered roughly 1000m of climbing and battled hot conditions on the run.  She finished in 6 hours 35 minutes and as usual was all smiles!

Niki Cumming of Vancouver BC (mother of two) raced in the Sandiego ITU event and did a great job despite having some major setbacks coming into the event. Niki swam, biked and ran her way just under three hours and finished in 2:58:34.

Shannon Wilson, also of Vancouver BC, rocked out with Niki Cumming at the Sandiego ITU triathlon event. Shannon is also a B78 supermom and did an amazing job in only her second triathlon event and her first real open water swim with a mass start. Shannon has a waterpolo background so no doubt she thrived in the chaos!

Congratulations to these amazing Moms!

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