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Cyclocross 101- Clinic and Program Announcement

Join 3-Time World Single Speed Cyclocross Champion Drew Mackenzie for a Cyclocross fundamental clinic and powered program

Date: September 29th, 2012

Time: 9:30-12:30pm

Location: TBD (Victoria BC)


  • Clinic only- $50
  • Powered Program only- $125
  • Clinic and 7-week Powered Program- $150

Clinic Topics and Drills Include:

Bike Set-up Basics

  • Equipment selection and set up.
  • Understanding and selecting clincher and tubular tires, and the importance of tire pressure.

Bike Handling and Cornering

  • Cornering is a crucial element in cyclocross racing.
  • Shifting and braking, weight shifts/body positioning, line choice and techniques for tricky terrain and challenging conditions such as sand, off-cambers, steep drops, and sketchy turns on mud, snow, loose gravel, etc.

Dismounting and remounting skills

  • Carrying and shouldering the bike.
  • Techniques for barriers and stairs.

Race Preparation

  • Pre-race routines, race day nutrition and racing strategy,
  • What to expect in your first season, keys to being prepared,

Skills drills

  • Practice race starts and holding position.
  • Clipping in, weighting, surface assessment for traction and other drills to develop cx skills.

Powered Program Details

  • 7-week powered program designed and run by World Champion Drew Mackenzie
  • Designed to take athletes through the provincial cyclocross championships and into the National Championships
  • Training Peaks Account- An online service designed to make program delivery smooth and efficient
  • Coach initiated communication weekly to review the upcoming week
  • Membership in a private Facebook group which will become your team and your source of communication with coach Drew Mackenzie


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