Steph Corker cycling in ironman canada 2014

Steph Corker

be remarkable.

It’s the skinny branches where the juiciest berries grow – out on a limb, further away from the trunk, drunk on sunlight. It’s the skinny branches of life where I find my sweetest experiences – beyond what I once thought was possible; beyond the safety of the trunk; out where new the new buds grow. Triathlon keeps me hungry for those experiences; craving that out-on-a-limb feeling while dreaming of the aloha sunshine. Living a big juicy life; dreaming really big dreams; keeping it fun every single day…that to me is remarkable!

“Remarkability lies in the edges. The biggest, fastest, slowest, richest, easiest, most difficult. It doesn’t always matter which edge, more that you’re at (or beyond) the edge”.- Seth Godin

10 Awesome Things About Steph

What is your be word and why did you choose it?

Remarkable! Seth Godin has a great quote about being remarkable and living on the skinny branches — it resonates with me daily in training sessions and often on race day when the going get “skinny” (aka tough!)

What is your major goal for the upcoming season?

Ask me in november — i’m still focused on finishing off 2016 with a bang in Kona!acious!

What goal did you crush last season?

Winning Ironman Canada was pretty special.

What is your favourite post race craving?

Usually a burger!

What is the most ambitious thing on your life bucket list?

I think the bucket in and of itself is pretty ambitious! Once upon a time I had “finish an Ironman” on my bucket list and that was completely audacious! I also wanted to say “yes” and have it change someone’s life — does getting married count to cross that off? I think it is fair to say that Dave Frey has changed my life!

If you were stranded on an island what book would you want with you?

Probably an empty journal to capture heaps of thoughts and ideas.

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream?

umm, vegan coconut — less dairy in my life has made for more fun running and coconut everything – because aloha always!

What is the hardest workout you have ever done?

It would probably be a track session — some combination of 800s usually puts me straight into the hurt locker! (and: i wouldn’t trade it for the world. i think these are the sessions that have had the biggest impact on my running improvement this year.)

If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased) who would it be?

At this moment, probably Richard Branson – I’m really inspired by his career success, yet equally impressed with his family love. Honouring relationships that matter while building corporate enterprises feels like a true gold medal life to me!

How long can you hold your breath for?

25 min underwater I bet!

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