B78 coach, Erinne Willock

Erinne Willock

be relaxed.

When I first started reading sport psych books they somehow never quite got it right for me.  It wasn’t until I picked up ‘Thinking body, Dancing mind’ and they spoke about being relaxed as an athlete that something finally clicked for me.  Coming from an endurance and very tactical sport I couldn’t do the typical ‘get mad’ or ‘pumped up’ kinda of motivation.  It was the word RELAX that I spoke over and over again during racing.  It’s when I stayed relaxed before and during races that I didn’t get stressed out, I conserved my energy, I could be patient and smart and I still had bullets left when the time counted to make a move.   I think too many people make their way to a start line with their ammunition already half empty.

Erinne Willock, Victoria, B.C.

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