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Back to Basics

The festive season is just around the corner and most of us are done racing, so this is a great time to reintroduce ourselves to the basics of training. I challenge you to put those gadgets away (you know the ones…the garmins, heart rate monitors, power taps) and do your training by feel/effort.

If you have been following a training program for a while you probably have a handle on how each workout should feel. I know it is hard for some to believe but you DO NOT always need a number to tell you are right on schedule.

Remember these gadgets don’t always work when you think you need them and you will need to rely on yourself to continue with the workout sans gadget. I was reminded of this recently when working out with a friend and her garmin stopped working. She spent the whole time unnecessarily upset about it when we were right on schedule.

If you are new to a training program this is a great opportunity to learn to train by feel. It is a skill I am happy that I have since I know exactly how to train in a specific zone without seeing a number. And if I happen to be able to hit a measured marker along the way I am usually right on pace.

Once the festive season is in full swing I know I am just happy to get out the door and enjoy some exercise so don’t sweat your training around this time (unless your big race is just around the corner). Just take what you can get when you can get it (you will feel better after some exercise so don’t think the holidays are an excuse not to train) and come the New Year there will be lots of time to sharpen up for that next big race.

Kristina Rody- B78 Coach



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