Jasper takes a break - a break down that is.

A Meditative State to Push Through Discomfort in Endurance Sports

People who do not partake in endurance challenges often wonder why anyone would put themselves through such physical and mental discomfort. I’ve always wondered how anyone can live without it. It struck me many years ago that there are two great mental secrets I discovered early on in my life. The first is that endurance activities are meditative. There is a rhythm to it all-legs moving, heart pumping, lungs expanding and contracting. If you focus on the right things your brain becomes free of it’s usual nonsensical chatter and becomes very peaceful. The second leads from the first in that once you get to this point, the discomfort becomes something you control rather than it controlling you. When the mind is quiet and your body and brain are in a meditative state you can observe the discomfort and push through it. In a way you can become friends with it rather than reviling it. When you get to this state of mental bliss the possibilities for how hard you will push yourself are endless. You will start to find joy in the effort and peace in the process.

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