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B78’S Head Coach Jasper Blake Answers Everything From Ironman Training To The Keys Of Success

MoBettah: Jasper, as head coach of b78 coaching tasked with inspiring tons of athletes every day, what’s your secret sauce to staying personally motivated?

Jazz: I find that every athlete presents a new challenge. Like finger prints we are all different- we all have different needs, strengths, and weaknesses. I really like trying to figure out each persons puzzle so we can help them maximize who they are as an athlete and as a person. Likewise I feel the same way about our coaching team. We are building up such an incredible group of people to deliver B78 coaching and I really want to help them maximize who they are as coaches and leaders.

I am also an extremely passionate business person and entrepreneur. I love the branding and messaging we have created and I’m constantly looking for ways to make us more awesome. I love the whole process of a young business and I love figuring out how to make it all work. I want B78 to be the greatest company to be part of or work for. That motivates me immensely.

MoBettah: How old were you when you realized you were born an athlete?

Jazz: I have no living memory otherwise. Sport and physical movement became an expression of who I was personally at a very young age. I lived out pretty much all my emotions as a kid and a teenager through sport. I was not great at expressing myself with words but I could do it by moving. Sport was how I dealt with everything, good or bad. I felt more alive doing sport than I did doing anything else. Fourty years later my passion has not changed. I have a healthier relationship now in that my identity is not attached to it. I simply feel lucky to still have it in my life on so many levels.

MoBettah: If you had to, could you work 9 to 5 in an office downtown wearing a suit and loafers all day?

Jazz: What are loafers?

MoBettah: When an athlete joins B78 Coaching, they must choose a “Be” word. What is the purpose of Be words?

Jazz: Be words help our athletes identify the “why” part of their equation. We want people to be intimately connected with what motivates them, what drives them, what makes them tick. We want our athletes to understand what fuels their internal fire. As coaches and as a company we also want to understand that about our athletes.

MoBettah: What is your Be Word?

Jazz: Be awesome

MoBettah: What are your go to “jasperisms” that you like to share with all the athletes you coach?

Jazz: Learn how to stay present, learn how to master your own mind, learn that you are capable of way more than you might give yourself credit for, learn that you are the center of your own universe not the center of everyone elses. Learn the difference between you and your ego. Acceptance and mental suppleness are great strategies for mental fortitude. Simplify your approach to training, be patient, be consistent, be on target, be deliberate- train with intent and be awesome at all times even if you are doing the dishes.

Sport is simply a platform for human growth if you let it be one. Finisher medals and best times are illusory “things” that mean very little- the real value of all of this stuff is what happens along the way. If you can figure that out about sport and you can apply it to life vs winning.

MoBettah: Who was the greatest influence in your athletic career? And why?

Jazz: How do you pick just one? I have and continue to have so many great teachers. Jeff Thompson and Jurg Gfeller taught me about hard work, discipline, integrity, consistency and planning- they created an environment that allowed someone like me to thrive.

Dave Scott Thomas and Alain Fairweather taught me about simplicity and atmosphere. How effective a simple program could be and how productive a positive atmosphere is especially in group dynamics.

Andrew MacNaughton taught me how much I was capable of doing physically. He pushed the limits of what I thought was possible. He reminded me how important it was to approach challenges with love and positivity rather than anger and aggression.

My brother taught me how valuable the competitive spirit is.

My parents instilled in me from the very beginning how valuable physicality is in your life. They helped me realize my passion for it from the earliest days and led constantly by example. My dad is still the greatest athlete I know and my mom is still the greatest mental athlete I know. She is a constant reminder that we must never take anything for granted.

MoBettah: If you were a fruit, what would you be?

Jazz: A grapefruit. What other fruit can you eat in so many different ways. It’s also a good mix of sweet and sour and you never quite know what you are going to get. I would also be a grapefruit that was secretly in love with a piece of celery in the fridge and my family of fellow grapefruits disapproves but over time I show them that we are all very similar and then one day the celery I’m in love with wilts and gets put into the compost and I am very sad but shortly after that someone eats me and I don’t remember much after that.

MoBettah: If you were a running shoe, what would you be?

Jazz: Nothing fancy but the pair you always remember as being good for running through mud puddles.

MoBettah: If you were a car, what would you be?

Jazz: A 4 door mini.

MoBettah: What was your favorite Ironman training session?

Jazz: The long ones that require the same focus and attention to detail as you need when you race. Nothing makes you feel more ready than the 6-7 hour rides. I always felt invincible after those.

MoBettah: You’ve come out of retirement for one final race, which one…

Jazz: Ironman Canada or Hawaii

MoBettah: What’s on your iPod?

Jazz: Everything from Led Zepplin to Lady Gaga. At the moment I’m diggin Ed Sheeran and Passenger.

MoBettah: What’s on your bookshelf?

Jazz: Eckhart Tolle, Recently lots of businessy books and Nelson Mandellas story

MoBettah: What athletic moment are you most proud?

Jazz: Ironman Canada 2006

MoBettah: If you had to give an athlete 3 keys to success in endurance racing, what would they be?

Jazz: Do what you need to do- don’t get caught up in anyone elses nonesense. Learn what pace you need to do, learn what you need to eat and learn what helps you be mentally ready and do that over and over and over again. Be consistent every day, every week, every year and good things happen. Work daily on the mental side of things- endurance racing requires the ability to stay at it for long periods of time. Learn how to get your brain working for you not against you.

Don’t get stuck doing the same thing all year- change it up- the body loves different stimulus and needs it to grow and adapt- even if you are going long get good at going short

(sorry I think that is four things)

MoBettah: Where do you see B78 Coaching in 5 years?

Jazz: I see B78 as a leading coaching company globally. I see a thriving business with a very clear, positive and awesome message that transcends sport. I see B78 as the best company to be associated with whether as an athlete or one of our coaches or employees. I see a company that redefines what a coach/athlete relationship can look like. From a purely practical stand point I see B78 as being incredibly efficient in its operating procedures as well as being nimble and innovative with what and how it delivers.

MoBettah: What’s your definition of awesome?

Jazz: The right attitude. I don’t care if someone is a world champion or the last one across the line. I care about their approach to it. Being awesome is about your attitude towards your life, towards other people and towards your goals. It’s also about bringing that attitude to whatever you do on a daily basis. Even if you’re doing the dishes, you should try and be awesome at it just for the sake of it. Even when nobody is looking you should strive to be awesome. Anything less than that is shameful. Awesome is when you’re awesome for the sake of it, not because it necessarily leads anywhere.


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