Pro cyclist Dave Vukes holding Prima bar

Pro Cyclist and Prima Nutrition Founder, Dave Vukets Learns Athletes Need Real Food for Recovery and Energy

Meet Dave Vukets. He may seem shy at first blush but don’t be deceived, he is anything but timid. Dave is an ex-pro gritty road cyclist turned entrepreneur in the real food market. He spends his days mixing healthy ingredients together, cutting the concoction into squares, carefully wrapping each one and delivering them to his ever-growing points of distribution. His product: Prima bars. His Tagline: Real Food for Sport. And he does all this when he is not consulting with athletes on their nutrition programs.

In 2007, Dave Vukets packed his bags and set out for northwestern France to find out if he had what it would take to make a living racing his bike. He had moved his way up the ranks in North America and was ready for the European experience. Whatever the outcome of his travels and screaming legs at the top of each European climb, Dave took note of how these riders fueled their bodies. There were miraculous differences between fuel choices for the pasty white American and the powerful Euro. We ate sugar and processed bars while the Europeans fueled with baguettes with ham, and dried figs.

Upon Dave’s return to Vancouver, he earned his BSc. in Food, Nutrition, and Health only to be confirmed that at the heart of every nutrition lecture using real food to nourish the body, recover from daily stress and live a vital and energetic life. “So why,” Dave wondered, “are we choking down super-engineered sports nutrition supplements, when the riders in the Tour de France are enjoying jam sandwiches while rolling through the countryside at 50 kph?” To set the sports nutrition industry back on track, he felt there was only one course of action: to start a food company. And so he did: Prima was born.

When we ask Dave about his mission with Prima, he says “Prima products are designed with the ultimate goal of inspiring your athletic lifestyle through great food. By focusing on taste, making everything by hand and using fresh, real ingredients, we have started to redefine how many people think about sports nutrition.” The Fruit and Nut Bars are balanced energy bars with a substantial nutritional profile, an amazingly light texture, and an easy to open package. Available in four unique flavours, the bars are great for endurance activities and also serve well as a post-workout or recovery snack.

In lament terms, these things are delicious and will rock your cycling socks! Salted Chocolate, Chia Spice, Chocolate Hazelnut, Ginger Pistachio! Come on…that’s better than an ice cream Sunday! And you always find one in our jerseys!

Prima came on board as a sponsor of the Mobettah Together movement in early 2014! We have been chirping about these bars ever since and opening new retail doors for Prima. Find Prima at way more places than these but here are a few of our fav’s: bicicletta, Musette Café, Kondi, YYoga, Catalyst Kinetic Group, Greens Market on Broadway and Olives in Whistler.

Dave isn’t stopping with bars. He is an entrepreneur passionate about making the American athlete as real as the European. Watch for more Prima products coming down the pipeline, more Prima services and more real food to fuel your body.

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