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Queen of Bermuda Tri Race Report

Queen of Bermuda was awesome….the Missfits all came out in force, to race. Marshal, support…just great.
So here is my race report for you.
I woke up at 3am am to torrential rain, which did not abate.
I emailed a couple of the girls at 4:50 to find out if they were going…the reply was “ there are all these overseas girls here, we have to go” and she was right.
up at 5, usual prerace oatmeal and coffee breakfast.
picked up my friend Lizzie at 5:30…torrential rain continues, downpour has caused enormous puddles which my car struggled to get through.
We arrive at race venue at 6 and I was sure that the race was off…but went through the motions of getting my bike and going to transition….where there party was clearly happening.
The call was that they were shortening the cycle to avoid those enormous puddles, but the race was on. The excitement was palpable, because we all knew this was going to be unpredictable.

I did not for a minute think to look at the water……

Transition closed and we headed down to the beach. The rain showed some respite for the start of the race.
We grouped in our waves and the 3 elites got ready to race…Flora Duffy our local heroine, and the Wassner twins.
The water was rough, waves about 2-3 feet high, and rolling straight into shore…the worst conditions I have ever swum in.
The horn went and we were off. It was horrendous, lifeguards on surf boards helping people…I just tried to stay calm, keep my breathing level, use high elbows and occasional breaststroke…the key was survival.
I collided with a few girls at the turnaround…they were totally off course…I kept thinking “why am I doing this???” but eventually I saw the red marker and I know I was nearly home….750ms- 18 mins…ridiculously slow but ok in the scheme of things.

The cycle was shortened to 9 miles…i never really felt I got into this cycle, it was short, hilly, and quite frankly there were so many people I know marshaling, cheering and competing, I was calling out to people the whole time…so I enjoyed it whiles not…if you know what I mean. My HR was up there the whole time and i could not reduce it without compromising speed…so I just ignored it.

I could see Jen and Kandis up ahead…they were in the wave ahead of me, but I know they were my really competitors. so I was encouraged by this.

Transition was ok, and the run was uphill for the first mile and half to the turnaround and I could still see Kandis and Jen. I also knew I was leading the Bermuda crew in y age group so felt good. Run went well…HR up there in the 165+ the whole time but I did not feel to out of my depth…breathed through it and sprinted the last 200 mins.

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