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Coach Jasper Blake directing swimmers at Ironman Canada Training Camp Happy Laurel, Mike and Steph running Swimmers getting ready at Ironman Canada Training Camp Laughing at Jasper Blake getting ready for a ride at ironman canada training camp 2013

Whistler, B.C. Canada

June 26-28th 2015 (4 weeks out from Ironman Canada)

For beginner to elite athletes: Please join us for our 3rd annual Ironman Canada training camp in Whistler, BC! Whether you are doing IM or not this is a weekend of amazing training, advice and life lessons from an Ironman Champion and serious fun! 

B78 Coaching has crafted the optimum itinerary over three full days such that each and every athlete will learn about the race course, develop their unique race execution plan and train on the specific swim, bike and run legs of the course. The camp will be lead and supported by experienced coaches, including B78 Head Coach and Ironman Canada Champion, Jasper Blake.

This will be the most valuable Ironman Camp you ever attend. By the time you finish the B78 Camp on Sunday, you will have the confidence to execute on race day. You will know the course, you will know how to pace yourself and you will know how to fuel yourself properly.

Jasper will share all the tools that propelled him to ten straight years of top 5 Ironman finishes and what put all three B78 pro athletes on the podium at Ironman Canada in 2013.

Fee: $499

Athletes attend all 3 days of the camp.

Athletes arrive on Thursday night and be ready to go first thing Friday morning straight through to Sunday afternoon!

If you can not attend the full camp please let us know what days you can and we can pro rate the fee for you.

Camp includes:

  • Leadership and support by experienced coaches, including Jasper Blake, for three full days
  • Supported swims, rides and runs on the IMC course and beyond [extra supplies, fuel and tools]!
  • Coaching support by Jasper Blake and his team
  • Full overview of the IMC race course both physically and visually
  • Race day execution strategy planning
  • Race day nutrition strategy planning
  • Coping mechanisms for staying focused on race day
  • One catered team dinner
  • Post workout massages to assist with recovery and circulation
  • B78 swag bag

*Accommodations are not included in the above prices.

B78 has reserved 10 rooms at the Athletes Village on a first come first serve basis. Athletes are encouraged to arrange their accommodations and travel well in advance to minimize last minute logistics and optimize the training camp experience.

B78 is more than willing to assist with accommodation recommendations for any athletes unfamiliar with the Whistler area. Please email us here:

Email us today to apply for the camp!

*Travel not included.


Going in to a first crack at an Ironman can seem daunting. The number of variables in the equation to success increases, some of them perhaps even unknown! When I was decided on an Ironman race to do this year it became really a sure thing to do Whistler once I knew Jasper would be holding a 8-day camp up there three weeks out of the race.

I made my way over the Duffy Lake road from visiting my sister in BC’s interior to meet and stay with the Cogger’s in Pemberton who had generously offered a homestay for my time with the camp. Over the course of the week Jasper ran the camp in professional yet relaxed manner that had everyone looking ahead to what tomorrow had in store. Not only did the workouts accustom us athletes to the swim/bike/run courses but they instilled confidence that come race day our objectives would be clear-cut and achievable.

After going over the courses a few times during the week they began to shrink and take on a familiar feel. The coaching that Jasper gave us all was world class and I found the experience invaluable towards my preparation for August 25th. Perhaps the biggest positive I took out of the camp was meeting all the other B78 athletes on the same path towards race day. Knowing that we are in this together on race day will undoubtedly lift me along when the times get tough.

As we closed up the camp Jasper offered parting words along these lines:

“The work has been done; trust yourselves… the race will feel easy☺ ”

-Andrew Russell

Thanks Jasper for putting on such a great training camp for IMC in Whistler.

Your input really gave me the direction I was needing to finalize my training. I feel confident going into the race that I have done all I can to make this day a success.

It was inspiring to train with all of your amazing athletes, they are so talented and hard working and have such a positive energy.

It was a pleasure and an honour to be coached by you and share in your Ironman expertise.

Thanks again for all your positive support and expertise.

I will be watching my numbers!

-Molly Evanshen

The b78 training camp in Whistler was awesome! Jasper and team provided amazing support and tips throughout the weekend. The b78 team was there for anything and everything we needed (even dinner recommendations!). Jasper’s on-course coaching was timely, relevant and helpful, and – after four hours on our bikes – we were elated to see Angie and her SUV of GU.

Beyond the stellar coaching, the camp also gave us (two day-job triathletes) a chance to mingle with other athletes – professionals, age-group winners and 25 year veterans of the sport. Chatting with our fellow campers was great. Triathlon can be a solitary sport, but Ironman seems to be about camaraderie. All Ironmen (and women!) share something, and it was so nice to hear everyone’s stories, and experiences, throughout the weekend.

Even though we aren’t doing Ironman Canada, the Whistler training camp confirmed that we’re ready for Ironman Lake Tahoe. And, we are so excited to follow the Ironman Canada results to see how just how awesome our new friends – and teammates – did in the race!

Thanks Jasper and b78 for an amazing camp!

-Mike & Amy

Awesome camp and am so glad I went;

You are a wealth of knowledge and experience and the best is that u were so willing to share that with everyone and take a genuine interest in each of us and our ironman goals. You are and will continue to be successful in your business because you are obviously placing emphasis on your relationships with people – those that work with you and your athletes.

That in turn will only lead to more and more – you may end up needing to clone yourself!

Thanks again to you and Angie for all the support during the week – the week was simply tremendous


“An opportunity to train with Jazzy B, his side kick Angie and some of his pro athletes isn’t something to take for granted. I finished the week perfectly exhausted, well hydrated and totally proud….because that is what happens when you have exclusive access to a high performance coach. He paddled while we swam, he drove while we rode and rode when we ran. I learned more about nutrition and pacing in one week than in 5 years of triathlon training (not even joking!). And most importantly, he attracts some of the coolest athletes to his squad that make training sessions guarenteed fun. Next camp: Hawaii please!”

-Steph Corker

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