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Three FREE recovery tricks that you must start doing

If you want to get better, recovery from tough training sessions is crucial. The body needs stress but in order to adapt and get stronger, it needs to recover. There are plenty of things you can buy if that will help you recover but don’t be fooled, some of the most effective recovery strategies are FREE!

1. Cold Tub

Icing your legs after a big session will dramatically speed up recovery. Hard training sessions create inflammation and increase core body temperature. Filling up a bathtub with cold water, adding a couple bags worth of ice (that you can prepare and put in your freezer before the workout) and sitting in it for 10 minutes is a quick and free way to decrease inflammation, decrease core body temperature and help the recovery process….and it’s FREE!

2. Elevate Legs

Lie flat on your back and put your feet up on the wall for 10-15 minutes and you will help increase blood flow back to the heart. Put on some soothing, chill music and you can also recharge mentally. There are walls everywhere and putting your feet up on them is FREE!

3. Sleep

Absolutely nothing facilitates recovery as much as sleep does. Even a 15 minute power nap after a big training session can help speed up the recovery process both physically and mentally. Napping and sleeping are FREE!

So before you go out and drop hundreds of dollars on expensive recovery products, keep in mind that three of the best recovery strategies are FREE!

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