Jasper Blake running in Victoria BC by the water

Thursday Pep Talk: Just Run!

Just run!

Like just go for a run!

You can take a watch so you’re back in time for dinner but leave the rest of the measuring tools at home. And if you’re really brave try not even timing it.

Does that scare you?

If it does you may have lost touch with what it feels like to just run. Metrics are good and there is certainly no shortage of tools to measure them. Yes today you can measure everything from heart rate to pace to vertical oscillation to cadence to how many calories you’ve just burned and probably a bunch of other stuff that I’m late to the party for. And let’s not get started with bike metrics that measure power, cadence, vertical gain and loss, the grade you are on, heart rate- the new systems even tell you how and where you are applying force around the pedal stroke- it’s totally awesome.

But sometimes you need to just go run.

Leave all that stuff at home and just go run. Especially this time of year if your racing season has come to an end. Let the terrain determine your effort. Mix up the surfaces. Get out of your metrics box and play a little. There is not only freedom in this practice but also self-awareness, effort awareness, and look around you awareness. You don’t need a performance file for every workout you do. And not having one doesn’t mean the workout didn’t happen. Take a friend and chat while you’re at it- that’s fun too.

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