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THURSDAY PEP TALK – Finish your workouts

Finish the workout! That means if the set calls for 10 reps you do 10 reps. It also means that you don’t need to do 11 reps just because you think it means you gave it 110%. If you are that person then just stop it!

Some people get to 8 reps and pack it in because it usually really starts to hurt at around 7 or 8 reps. But here’s the thing- the benefit of the set comes in the back half when it starts to get uncomfortable. The benefit does not come in the first half when it’s easy. You have to get through the back half when you are already under stress in order for your body to receive the stimulus it needs to adapt. If you always bail in the back half you won’t ever really get better so if you are the person who finds a way out just stop it!

And don’t give yourself the option of bailing out either. Yeah you know that little voice inside your head that starts finding reasons why you don’t need to finish the set. Everyone has it, some people just don’t listen to it. Be one of those people.

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