Athletes running down a green enclosed path while training for Ironman Canada

THURSDAY PEP TALK – Mediocrityville

Are you going hard enough on the hard training sessions? And likewise are you going easy enough on the easier training sessions? Or are you stuck smack in the middle no matter what the training session calls for?

Here’s a newsflash- if you don’t go hard enough when it’s supposed to be hard you won’t stress your system enough to promote adaptation and change. If you don’t go easy enough when it’s supposed to be easy your body won’t recover.

The end result is that you end up with very little result. You frequent a place called mediocrityville because you don’t have the guts to go hard enough when you are supposed to and can’t let go of your ego enough to go easy when you are supposed to.

Mediocrityville is a dull and boring place and it’s easy to end up there if you aren’t paying attention. But it’s not your fault- you didn’t know about this place. But now you do know so it is your fault if you keep ending up there.

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