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Do Something Different

A change can be as good as a break. Last week we discussed the idea of stopping until you miss it. This week let’s consider the idea changing things up as a suitable substitute for stopping all together.

Endurance sports can be incredibly repetitive. In a small way we can become addicted to this repetition and addicted to the endless stream of data that now goes along with it. It’s hard for some athletes to take a break because it becomes such an integral part of their life rhythm and we just generally feel better when we are active.

So, if you can’t take a break all together, consider changing things up and doing something different for a few weeks. If you have to be on a bike, consider getting a mountain bike. If you have to run, consider getting into the woods and running on trails. If you have to swim, consider jumping in on a water polo game. There are many different ways you can cross train for triathlon. Your heart and lungs don’t know the difference between various aerobic activities. Muscle specificity is another story but throwing some new challenges at your body can be really beneficial on a number of levels and will ultimately help you grow as an athlete.

If you can’t stand the thought of stopping all together, consider do something different- you won’t regret it.

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