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Maximizing Your Time

Are you short on time? If so, here are a few simple things you should be doing to maximize the time you have.

1. Stress through intensity

Getting stronger, fitter and faster is all about applying specific stress loads to your body and then adapting to a new level. Stress can be applied several ways. One way is through volume the other is through intensity. If you are short on time, it may be difficult to apply stress through volume. Focus on shorter, high intensity intervals at or above your second threshold. These types of workouts can be done in an hour (with a good warm up and cool down) because you only require about 15-25min of work to trigger a training response.

2. Double them up

Frequency is one of the hardest things for time-crunched athletes to achieve. Ideally you are able to hit each sport 3+ times per week. Your nervous system loves frequency. The more you can do something (technically well and recover from it), the more efficient you will become at that particular activity. If you are juggling three sports like you are in triathlon, it can be tough to hit that many workouts in a week. Doubling up the workouts in your 60-90 minute training windows is a great way to add a higher degree of frequency in each sport. Brick or transition workouts should be a staple in your week. We often focus on bike to run workouts but you can also do swim to bike sessions if your aquatic facility will let you set up a trainer somewhere in the facility.

3. Incorporate Strength

Strength training is important but if you are short on time you may be better off incorporating some simple movements into a short routine that you can piggy back onto other workouts. Core activation/strength and hip stability are probably the two most important aspects to consider as a minimum. A short routine that you do 2-4 times per week immediately before or after a swim, bike or run can be extremely beneficial. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!

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