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Be Consistent

The most significant thing you can do if you want to crush your goals in 2018 is to make a commitment to consistency. This might sound easy but consistency can be hard for some athletes because it requires daily attention to the work. True consistency means you are willing to get the work done even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Consistency does not need to be dramatic. In fact, sometimes consistency is boring. Consistency does not require massive efforts infrequently but rather smaller efforts very frequently.

Consistency is most easily achieved when your program is progressive. Small increases in training stress loads over time are the best way to be consistent. Large increases in training stress load on a sporadic basis because you missed a bunch of workouts and piled them all onto one day, is the worst way to be consistent.

Consistency beats epic. Consistency beats equipment purchases. Consistency beats your inconsistent competitors…..every time!

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