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5 Tips on How to be Mentally Tougher

Here are 5 ways to be mentally tougher!

Tip #1 – Set Clear Intentions

Making sure you are clear on exactly what you want to accomplish is the first step in cultivating mental toughness. Clear intentions help solidify your resolve and will often make it easier to endure the work if you are excited about a definite end goal.

Tip #2 – Do The Work

Nothing will make you mentally tougher than consistently doing the hard work. Nothing will make you mentally weaker than routinely pulling the plug when the work gets hard. We are what we repeatedly do. If you ingrain a habit of mental toughness then that is what you will default to when it counts.

Tip #3 – Mental Recovery

Create space daily to mentally recover. This can be as simple as five minutes of sensory deprivation or meditation. Find a quiet place, turn out the lights and lay completely flat. Mental toughness is, in a way, a form of coping. It’s easier for your brain to cope with discomfort if it is rested.

Tip #4 – Awareness of Thought

You may think you are in control of your thoughts but often your thoughts are in control of you. When it comes to mental toughness, nothing can be as destructive as negative thought patterns. In pressure situations thoughts can cause anxiety, doubt and negative energy. The daily practice of observing your thoughts will create space and awareness around those thoughts and allow greater control over what those thoughts are

Tip #5 – Be Present

The ability to stay present is one of the most powerful mental tools you can develop. Mental toughness is easy when you are in a state of presence because you can always be mentally tough for a single moment. And if you can be mentally tough for a single moment you can be mentally tough for a multitude of single moments. Being present keeps you on task and focused.

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