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Strength and core in multisport racing

Programs for endurance sports often neglect some basic strength and core training. At B78 we feel it is essential to continually address your core, back and hip stability. You don’t need to spend 3 hours per day in the weight room to do this; a simple 15- 30-minute routine several times per week should be enough.

The primary objective is to target your core, back and hip stabilizer muscles.

These are all areas that need to be active or “turned on” for swimming, biking or running. Marathon and Ironman events are as much about strong consistent pacing as they are about your ability to maintain a strong posture and have stability in the core and hip region. People who lack strength in these areas will often break down in the final hours/miles of a longer event.

I’m already doing yoga/strength training with a group. Do I still need to do the basic strength and core routine you have scheduled?

It certainly won’t hurt to add the few exercises you have scheduled into your program. If it is a matter of time you can always do the short routine immediately following one of your primary workouts so it is done. If you are doing strength and/or yoga every day or 4-6 times per week you will likely not need to do the extra core and strength routine you have on your program.

The strength and core routine is on opposing days to my running. Is it possible for me to just do this routine after my run sessions to get it done?

Yes, this is no problem. You can fit in the basic strength and core routine anytime during the week as long as you leave a day or so between sessions.

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