Stuart Dorland climbing on his bike

Learning to stand on your bike will help you generate more power!

Standing on your bike is a great skill to develop. Standing allows you to generate power with your body weight as well as through muscular force. Standing is an incredibly useful tool to have in your back pocket if you need to close a gap to another rider or generate a bit more power up a steeper climb. This workout is an opportunity for you to practice your standing skills on the bike. This workout will take you 90 minutes

Warm up
30 minutes easy to the base of a short hill (not overly steep)

Main Set
10*(1 minute standing at 85-95% RPE/110-115% FTP, 3 minutes easy)
(RPE= Rate of Perceived Effort. FTP= Functional Threshold Power)
Get Faster 1-5 and 6-10

Cool down- 20 minutes easy

The goal during this workout is to get faster from reps 1-5 and then repeat that again from reps 6-10. The goal is to make each one progressively harder or faster. The rest interval is three times as long as the work interval to give you time to turn around safely and to allow enough rest for you to do the intervals at the desired intensity. It is best to do this workout outside rather than on a smart trainer because standing on a smart trainer is a very different from standing outside. The main reason is that on a smart trainer the bike does not move underneath you. When you stand on the bike you want the bike to rock back and forth while using your arms to help generate more power. This movement does not feel natural for everyone-it requires practice to become proficient. A set like this with short intervals and lots of rest is a great opportunity to practice standing on your bike.

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