A group of athletes posing on the beach during a training camp

4th Annual Bermuda Triathlon Training Camp 2014

January 27th – February 2nd

 Coaches; Mike Neill and Jasper Blake

Assistant Coach/PT; Sandy Wilson

B78 head coach Jasper Blake and Human Powered Racing head coach Mike Neill bring a combined 30 years of training and racing at the highest level to Bermuda for a camp that will be informative and challenging for athletes of all abilities. Whether a seasoned veteran of Ironman racing or a beginner looking to participate in your first sprint race, this camp will be a great kick off to your 2014 season. Elite age group triathlete and physiotherapist Sandy Wilson will assist Mike and Jasper.

View more information here 4th Annual Bermuda Triathlon Training Camp  or e-mail Jasper Blake at info@www.b78.is

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