Founded by professional triathlete and Ironman Champion Jasper Blake, B78 works with athletes across the globe and has a world-class team of coaches. B78 specializes in online and in person coaching and offers highly individualized services for clients wishing to have a more personalized experience.

We deliver coaching services and training programs for triathletes, runners and cyclists. Programs are designed specifically for each individual. Our team of coaches has over 50 years of combined competition and/or coaching experience. Most of our coaches are former top level athletes ranging from Ironman champions to Olympians who carry with them priceless knowledge that can only be gained in the field. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the relationships we form with our athlete/clients. We care about our athletes and it shows in how we deliver.

What is B78?

The “78” in B78 is the scientific number for platinum on the periodic table. Our goal is to provide coaching and programming services that exceed expectations and frankly, platinum exceeds expectations as a metal substance. Like our coaching services, platinum is extremely rare and totally awesome. Whether you are on a powered program or being coached at our platinum level we customize everything and excel in our delivery.

The “B” in B78 refers to the “be” words that each of our athletes select as part of their B78 team profile.

Be words

Every athlete that trains with us chooses a “be” word. This process encourages our clients to understand what is really driving them. It also helps us understand our clients. We want to know what makes you tick, what drives you, what inspires you and we want you to know that about yourself. Be fit, be strong, be inspired, be amazing, be great, be honest, be happy- be whatever you want to be and let sport help you express that.

Be words 

Be awesome

Being awesome is not easy but it’s mandatory. When you become part of the B78 community you are obligated to be awesome. Now let’s not confuse this with the person who wins everything. We care more about how you approach things and your attitude than whether you win things. Winning is a fleeting superficial thing, an awesome attitude is an internal long lasting thing that changes the world and the people around you. Whether you are doing the dishes or doing an Ironman….be awesome!

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