Cycling Coach Anika Todd

Anika Todd


Anika has been racing bikes since 2013. She has travelled around North America, South America and Europe as a member of the TIBCO-SVB Pro Cycling Team and the Canadian National Road and Track Cycling teams. Her experience includes most of the North American NRC and UCI race calendar, European spring classics, national championships, Jeux de Francophonie, world cups and world championships. Since 2017 Anika has been stepped away from professional sport to pursue a career in mental health services. She now races with Trek Red Truck, a development team based in Vancouver, as a mentor for the next generation of cyclists. She has been coaching with B78 since 2018.


Honours BSc in Biology

Mental Health and Addictions Post Degree Diploma

CanFitPro Nutrition and Weightloss Specialist Certificate


2013 Canadian ITT Silver

2014 Canadian ITT Bronze

2015 USA TTT Bronze

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