Jasper Blake

Jasper brings over twenty five years of real life experience to the programs he creates and delivers them within a structure that is easy to understand and makes sense. More about Jasper.

Sports psychologist Shannon Thompson on leaning into discomfort

Jasper Blake, head coach with B78, chats with positive sports psychologist Shannon Thompson about horse psychology, getting centred, and leaning into discomfort. For the win! As an athlete and a coach, Shannon has always been fascinated by the psychology of achievement. Her interest regarding the power of the mind to impact an athlete’s performance and …

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Jasper Blake is the host of The Habit Podcast.

Mental strategies for best performances

The ability to deal with the mental stress of important situations is critical if you want to do the very best job you can on race day. Even if you are a beginner, you still want to do your best. So how come it is so difficult for people to do this? Why do so many people break down or “choke” when it matters the most?

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