Whistler with the B78 team

CampAwesome gets you ready for Ironman Canada

It’s my most favorite season: Ironman Season! When all of us cool trigeeks are eagerly preparing for some epic start line, justifying wearing compression socks to bed and trying to stay awake for the sun to set. As an ambitious age grouper who loves the sport, the journey and the start line, training camps have become a special staple of my preparation. A time to prime the engine, gain serious fitness, work really hard and recover with ease. B78’s Ironman Canada camp held in Whistler last summer will indeed go down as THE best! Last year we spent 10days together and this year the camp has been condensed into 3 solid days that quite frankly, you will not want to miss out on. Whether you are racing IM Canada or a different 70.3/ IM race this year, this weekend will without question set you up to be just a lil mo’awesome than when you arrived. I reached out to my fellow campers (cause you don’t want to only trust an eager beaver, right?! ha!) and I wanted to share with you what they had to say…

Seriously FUN:

“I’m 57 years old and for me it was like being at the best summer camp ever; I wish I could do it every year.” – Andy, the 1983 IM Hawaii Veteran who lost an eye while putting his bike back together upon arriving home and was getting back on the saddle 30 years later to cross the finish line once more. Truly, unbelievable. Yet I’m biased because we swam/rode/ran every single day together….and when we’d see each other out on the course on race day, it was like a lil bit of training camp fuel along for the day!









Seriously FOCUSED:

“For me the camp was awesome because it was chance to remove all distractions, focus on the work, and develop friendships.” – Andrew Russell, 5th Male Pro IM Canada 2013. Andrew is no stranger to the podium in the sport of triathlon, yet this was his debut performance at iron distance and is truly a force to be reckoned with.













“I have been to many training camps over the years but this one took the prize. Thanks to coach Jasper and his intimate knowledge of ironman preparation, I felt there was no stone unturned.” – Christine Fletcher, 4th Female Pro IM Canada 2013. Fletchy is a Coach with B78, a mentor to many athletes and local celebrity in Vancouver.












Seriously FRIENDLY:

“The B78 training camp was a perfect way to get acquainted with what is ultimately a very challenging course, after the week, I was able to visualize and train specifically for this. It was also a great chance to connect with other athletes on the same journey, who doesn’t need a new tribe to lean on for support along the way” – Trav McKenzie, IM Hawaii qualifier 2014!












Seriously Not-So-Serious…aka AWESOME:

Our group ranged vastly in age and experience. Jasper and his crew were available across on disciplines in all of the right spots – at times to offer nutritional counseling on the side of the road or cold chocolate bars 5hrs into a scorching hot ride. The hard work was coupled with a quiet confidence that by the end of camp, we were all oh-so-ready for the start line. And that kind of confidence only comes with hours of training-on-purpose and fuelling with intention.

Whistler with the B78 team








It’s not too late. The camp is still 3weeks away. Team Awesome would love to meet you, train with you and race with you. Your goals are worth it! See you thereJ

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