Steph Corker Ironman Champion

Coach Steph’s Favourite Swim Set

This week we asked coach Steph Corker to share one of her favourite workouts. If you were expecting something complex think again. The swim set she provided is a testament to her ability to get the work done. Simplicity is often a sign of deep understanding as to what is truly effective. Sets like this should be the meat and potatoes of your training regime. Simply put the goal is pace specificity with small rest intervals so you can stay on the desired pace. Short rest intervals are extremely effective at building fitness, confidence and mental resilience.

Leading into an Ironman Steph will do the following set she refers to as “aquatic meditation”.

Warm up- 500-1000m mixed swimming, drills, kicking to prepare for the main set

Main Set- 40*100m on 1:30 (or 10-15sec rest)

Cool down- 200-400 mixed swimming, kicking, easy stretch out

This set can be scaled down to be more relevant to Olympic distance or Half Ironman events simply by doing less 100’s at faster paces.

Keep it simple!

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