B78 coaches are selected based on their experiences as an athlete and/or their coaching credentials. B78 coaches are Olympians, Ironman Champions, National Champions and seasoned veterans in their field. There is rarely a situation they have not experienced nor a mistake they have learned the hard way. Our coaches have unparalleled experience in their sport and this knowledge is passed on to our clients. B78 coaches are trained and deliver using specific systems to maximize efficiency, professionalism and consistency.

Shannon Thompson

Shannon’s athletic background began in the equestrian sport of Three Day Eventing (like a triathlon…
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Jasper Blake

Jasper has been one of Canada’s most reputable endurance athletes for the past two decades….
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Jasper Blake running in Victoria BC by the water

Alicia Bulmer

Alicia relies on her experience as a top age-group athlete and her ongoing commitment to…
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alicia bulmer big smile head shot


“Jasper’s program helped me achieve a personal best and win my first 30 km trail race. The program was well organized and pushed me to my peak potential!”

Chris Bratseth 


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