Athlete Level Descriptions for Centurion Cycling Events- Corral Numbers

Corral information taken directly from Centurion website- click here to learn more about Centurion Events

Corral No. 1: Racers

Have you finished a Centurion event in the top 5% of the overall field?  Do you average 22-25 miles per hour/35-40 kilometers per hour. Own a racing license? Train at least 10 hours a week? Think you can be competitive in your age category? Completely comfortable riding in a fast-moving group? Not planning on making leisurely aid-station stops? Registering to race — not just ride? If the answer to most of these questions if yes, then you belong in Corral No. 1.


Corral No. 2: Serious Enthusiasts

Cyclists choosing corral no. 2 should also have at least some race or fast-paced group riding experience, but perhaps not enough free time to be a fully dedicated amateur racer. That means you ride 8-10 hours a week, 18-21 miles per hour/29-34 kilometers per hour, and may be signing up because you want to race against your friends and fellow semi-serious cyclists.


Corral No. 3: Casual riders

This corral is for those that ride approx 3-6 hours a week, 14-17 miles per hour/23-28 kilometers per hour, are comfortable riding around others, and have completed a century, charity ride or maybe some triathlons. Now you’re ready to check out a slightly more competitive cycling atmosphere. Your Centurion plan is to ride reasonably hard all day, but you prefer to stay out of the front-of-the-race fray, and will probably enjoy at least one or two leisurely aid-station stops.


Corral No. 4: Beginners

As the title implies, this is for beginners and is a family-friendly zone. Choose Corral No. 4 if you average under 14 miles per hour/under 23 kilometers per hour, are new to riding in a group, and are signing up for Centurion to ride your first 50 or 100 miler. Also the perfect starting place for families or other groups whose main objective is to ride together and enjoy the challenge and scenery.

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