Sport Nutrition- Energy Bars, Gels- an overview

The sport nutrition market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.  There are many different products available for pre, during and post workout nutrition.  Most of these companies have grown from offering one product to offering a whole spectrum of products.  Most of these products focus on one of three important areas- pre workout, during workout and post workout and each is formulated to specifically meet the needs of the body at those times. Most companies are also broadening their reach by offering bars, gels and drinks.

Some of the more common brand names are PowerBar, Cliff Bar, GU and Gatorade.  There are dozens of smaller companies breaking their way into the market as well; Honey stinger, eload, Vega and Lara Bar to name a few.

The best strategy for longer workouts is to eat small amounts frequently and preferably choose a product that is for during activity.  Typically products labeled as “during” will be carbohydrate rich and lower in protein and fat which is harder to digest at effort.

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