What are training zones?

Training zones refer to different levels of effort or intensity.  There are several different versions of training zones but at B78 we like to keep things simple.  The chart below shows a basic zone structure for you to follow.


Zone Objective Perceived Effort (1-10) Perceived effort HR( % of max) Duration of Intervals in training Type of Race
1 Recovery 0-5 Easy <50% N/A N/A
2 Base/Aerobic 5-7 Easy/Medium 50-70% Longer Aerobic Workouts 2+ hours
3 Tempo/Threshold 7-8.5 Hard 70-85% 5-30 minutes 1-3 hours
Aerobic Capacity/VO2 Max
8.5-9.5 Really Hard 85-95%% 2-5 minutes 5-20 minutes
5 Anaerobic Power 9.5-10 Max Effort Max <30 seconds 100m sprint

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