What are “X’s”?

X’s are a staple of the University of Guelph and Speed River Track and Field clubs program.  I would love to claim them as my own but they are part of the awesome programming that is implemented by Dave Scott Thomas and his team in Guelph. X’s are a great way to start or maintain some very basic speed in your running.  X’s are ideally done on an all purpose or soccer field with consistent even footing.  Start in one corner of the field and run at a fast pace on the diagonal to the opposing corner.  Then jog very easy across the top (or bottom) of the field (along the line where goals posts would typically be).  Once you reach the other corner, turn and run fast along the diagonal again.  Repeat this for the specified amount of time.  Your effort should be fast or hard to very hard or 80-90% maximum effort (5-10km race pace)

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