Andy Cuthbertson smiles with his award in Kona.

Featured Athlete: Andy Cuthbertson

After 30 years Andy headed back to Kona!  After a 30 year hiatus Andy headed back to the big island for the Ironman World Championships and we are so excited to be on his team. We caught up with Andy earlier this month.

What year did you last compete in the Ironman World Championships?

That would have been in 1988. I was 32 years old and went 10h 35

How many times (including this year) have you competed?

This will be my third time competing in Kona; the first time was in 1984 when I humbly learned very valuable lessons (like so many first timers have over the years) about this race and I went 14h 03

What are three things that have changed since the last one?

That I had to qualify to compete in the race  – in 1984 you just entered the race and in 1988 I was fortunate to get in via the Ironman Canada lottery they used to have for Kona spots

That your family and friends wherever they are around the world can now follow on the app and track you from race start to finish and watch live streaming of you crossing the finish line.   I had to phone home on a landline to let them know I had finished and how the race went

The roads here are so much better to ride on now and there is bike support on the course now if you have mechanical issues during the race (I believe in 1988 I carried a bike pump in case of flats because you had to be prepared to look after yourself, if you couldn’t then you dnf’d.

What are three things that have stayed the same since the last one?

The heat, winds and humidity

The winds, humidity and heat

The humidity, heat and winds   Hahaha

In a short paragraph describe what it was like back in the day (numbers of people, bike technology, nutrition etc)

I think in 1984 there were close to 1000-1200 participants and in 1988 I believe it was probably closer to 1500+

In 1988 I had aero bars for the first time and technology was the Timex Ironman watch (no gps, no heart rate, no data other than time and taking splits even in the water!!) and think I had a 12 speed bike. There was no carbon anything – frames, wheels, shoes etc

I wore a bum-bag on the ride to carry nutrition (which consisted of orange marmalade white bread sandwiches, sun-maid raisins in those little boxes they come in and granola bars)  also bananas were available on the course. I drank a lot of coke/pepsi that day. There were no gels and no salt/electrolyte caps.

Do you remember who won the women’s and men’s divisions and in what time?

Paula Newby-Fraser went like 9:01 and finished 11th overall to win the women’s – absolutely amazing. Scott Molina went 8:31 to win men’s

It was totally anticipated to be a showdown between Dave Scott and Mark Allen but It turned out I was a year early as Dave Scott pulled out injured just before the race and Mark Allen suffered a few tire punctures during the race and came 5th

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