Mike Grant

be consistent.

While consistency isn’t necessarily the flashiest of goals, its something that I’ve struggled with over my athletic career. I’ve found I have a short attention span when it comes to committing to a sport for long periods of time (maybe why triathlon is so appealing with three sports to work with). I get very excited to learn and seem to plateau quite quickly after I feel I have reached an acceptable level of competency with an activity. I would like to be consistent with my training from start to finish. This means training without burning out both physically and mentally. I have completed an Ironman event in the past and it is one of the accomplishments I hold very close to my heart, however, I was totally burned out (mentally) about a month before the event (I was looking for any excuse to get out of it!). I would very much like to avoid this fate for the next event and I believe consistent training over the next year will be of great value. Regardless of the race results, if I can look back a year from now and still love getting up in the morning to swim, bike, and run, I’ll be more than happy!

10 Awesome Things About Mike

What is your be word and why did you choose it?

be Consistent – consistency in training is something I’ve always struggled with. I get bored quickly so setting a goal of consistently doing some sort of exercise has been one of my biggest take aways from Ironman training.

What is your major goal for the upcoming season?

Major goal for next season is to place top in my age group in our local mountain bike race series.

What goal did you crush last season?

Set a goal of 250,000ft of climbing on my mountain bike and got it!

What is your favourite post race craving?

Potato chips…always potato chips!

What is the most ambitious thing on your life bucket list?

Qualifying for Kona is definitely my most ambitious goal…I will probably need to wait til I get to a slightly less competitive age group though.

If you were stranded on an island what book would you want with you?

I’ve got a two year old so I’m pretty into Goodnight goodnight construction site and Sleep train dream train right now…a good night sleep would probably be important on the island:)

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream?

Chocolate – everything always.

What is the hardest workout you have ever done?

Ironman Lake Tahoe was a hard workout…does that count?

If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased) who would it be?

Kind of a nerdy answer, but President Obama would be top of my list.

How long can you hold your breath for?

2min 15sec…

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