Race More. Race Shorter.

If you want to be a better competitor, get on more start lines. Mental toughness and grit have to be earned by putting yourself on the line with frequency. Even if long distance racing is your focus, race short and race more. Continue reading

Goal Setting- How, When and Why?

The end of the competitive year also means the beginning of a new one. Goal setting is an important process to go through on a regular basis. The transition from one season to the start of another is a great time to revisit your goals on a deeper/bigger picture level. Why? Goal setting lays out … Continue reading

A cyclist rides his bike in the Alps with amazing mountains in the background

Thursday Pep Talk: Just Run!

Just run! Like just go for a run! You can take a watch so you’re back in time for dinner but leave the rest of the measuring tools at home. And if you’re really brave try not even timing it. Does that scare you? If it does you may have lost touch with what it … Continue reading

Jasper Blake running in Victoria BC by the water
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