Separation of Head and State

Are you observing your own effort or are you consumed by it? They are two different things. One is empowering, the other is dis-empowering. One makes mental toughness a choice, the other takes it out of your control. Mental toughness is a choice. But only when there is a separation between what’s going on in … Continue reading

Swimmers getting ready for the swim at Penticton

Three Reasons Why Cyclocross Should Be Part Of Your Year

It’s September! This month seems to signify the end of summer and the start of Cyclocross season. Cyclocross has been growing steadily in the last few years particularly in North America. If you haven’t tried this awesome sport maybe you should! It’s a great way to stay connected with endurance sports while doing something entirely … Continue reading

Coaches Corner with Erinne Willock

  Importance of a Structured Training Plan What’s one of the most crucial aspects that separate elite athletes from everyone else?  After talking and witnessing many teammates and competitors throughout the past 15 years it’s having a Structured Training Plan.  How many times have I heard or had teammates say to me 2 days before … Continue reading

B78 coach, Erinne Willock
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