Featured B78 Athlete: Sheena Harris

Start lines for 2018: Vancouver first half marathon ✅ Ironman Texas ✅ Ironman Canada Favourite post-race meal: Cold BBQ chicken pizza. Dream goal I’m chasing: To earn myself a ticket to race on the Big Island. Goals crushed in 2017: Historic half marathon 1:34 huge PB 12 mins. I had personal bests for all my … Continue reading

Sheena Harris Holding a medal

Race More. Race Shorter.

If you want to be a better competitor, get on more start lines. Mental toughness and grit have to be earned by putting yourself on the line with frequency. Even if long distance racing is your focus, race short and race more. Continue reading

Be an athlete before you are a triathlete

Being a great triathlete requires being an athlete first. Too many people get caught up in the linear, repetitive actions of triathlon for 12 months of the year and forget to spend time developing other athletic skills. The latest research in youth athletic development shows that sports specialization should not happen until you are into … Continue reading

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The unknown “what ifs” of race week and three things you can do to manage the added stress they can bring

The race itself is often the easy part to be ready for. You know the distances, you know how to actually do the thing you signed up for but often there are still unknowns. Sometimes it’s these unknowns that can be the most stressful part. Here are three things you can do to limit the mental stress that can accompany the unknowns Continue reading

Mike Grant getting ready to swim in Alta Lake
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