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What’s the point

The point of doing the dishes is to have a clean kitchen. The point of mowing the lawn is to have shorter grass. The point of waiting in a line up is to get whatever they are selling at the end of the line up. The point of learning an instrument is so you can …

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A team of runners takes a turn on the road coming down a hill.

Los Angeles/Thousand Oaks

January 18-23, 2018 | Thousand Oaks CA Join us in Thousand Oaks California for one of our most popular training camps. Due to high demand we are limiting this camp to 30 athletes total split between B78 Coaching and Human Powered Racing which means we have 15 spots total so don’t delay signing up. This …

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Race More. Race Shorter.

If you want to be a better competitor, get on more start lines. Mental toughness and grit have to be earned by putting yourself on the line with frequency. Even if long distance racing is your focus, race short and race more.

Space Your Workouts

Your training week should consist of several key workouts that target a specific training response. In other words, there should be several workouts that are truly “work”. It is not necessary nor productive to smash yourself every day but it is very necessary to smash yourself with regularity provided you can recover adequately. Creating space …

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The Five Most Important Things You Can Do Now To Be Better Next Season

1. Get Stronger Strength for endurance sport is not the same as strength to be Mr. or Mrs. Universe. The primary goal should be to build a solid platform that allows you to maintain form, handle load under increasing levels of fatigue and avoid injuries. Focus on core, back and hip stability. These muscle groups …

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Do Something Different

A change can be as good as a break. Last week we discussed the idea of stopping until you miss it. This week let’s consider the idea changing things up as a suitable substitute for stopping all together. Endurance sports can be incredibly repetitive. In a small way we can become addicted to this repetition …

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