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What’s the point

The point of doing the dishes is to have a clean kitchen. The point of mowing the lawn is to have shorter grass. The point of waiting in a line up is to get whatever they are selling at the end of the line up. The point of learning an instrument is so you can … Continue reading

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Ironman Camp May 2018 | Whistler

May 18- 21st, 2018 | Whistler Our Whistler camp is so popular we’ve decided to add a second date in May. This camp is designed for those who will be taking part in Ironman Canada or any early season Ironman and it will be run jointly with Human Powered Racing. It can also be used … Continue reading

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Los Angeles/Thousand Oaks

January 18-23, 2018 | Thousand Oaks CA Join us in Thousand Oaks California for one of our most popular training camps. Due to high demand we are limiting this camp to 30 athletes total split between B78 Coaching and Human Powered Racing which means we have 15 spots total so don’t delay signing up. This … Continue reading

Race More. Race Shorter.

If you want to be a better competitor, get on more start lines. Mental toughness and grit have to be earned by putting yourself on the line with frequency. Even if long distance racing is your focus, race short and race more. Continue reading

Space Your Workouts

Your training week should consist of several key workouts that target a specific training response. In other words, there should be several workouts that are truly “work”. It is not necessary nor productive to smash yourself every day but it is very necessary to smash yourself with regularity provided you can recover adequately. Creating space … Continue reading

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Three Ways To Be A Better Sport

We often equate sportsmanship with the ability to be gracious in defeat. This is definitely one of the cornerstones of sportsmanship but it need not be the only measure. In fact, sometimes it’s very difficult to be gracious when someone has just kicked your ass. To be truly gracious requires a level of consciousness that … Continue reading

Jasper on the road: B78 running programs.

Be an athlete before you are a triathlete

Being a great triathlete requires being an athlete first. Too many people get caught up in the linear, repetitive actions of triathlon for 12 months of the year and forget to spend time developing other athletic skills. The latest research in youth athletic development shows that sports specialization should not happen until you are into … Continue reading

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Do Something Different

A change can be as good as a break. Last week we discussed the idea of stopping until you miss it. This week let’s consider the idea changing things up as a suitable substitute for stopping all together. Endurance sports can be incredibly repetitive. In a small way we can become addicted to this repetition … Continue reading

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