Thalia Castillo triathlon coach

Thalia Castillo


Thalia is one of those amazing athletes who transferred her own personal knowledge and experiences seamlessly into coaching. Her passion for the sport of triathlon is clearly evident as soon as you meet her. She has an incredibly positive and fun disposition which makes her approachable and engaging to work with but still makes you work hard. She has over 15 years of triathlon experience and is still participating triathlons at an amateur level. In 2003-2005 she began coaching triathlon with The Commonwealth Triathlon Club in Victoria BC, becoming Head Coach. In 2007-2012 she became the Head Coach/Owner of Island Triathlon Club in Victoria BC. She has been coaching with B78 since 2014.


Computers and Information Systems Manager bachelors degree

NCCP Triathlon Certification


2000-2005 Raced for the Mexican Elite Triathlon Team

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