Coach Jasper Blake giving the thumbs up

Thursday Pep Talk: You had a bad workout….So what!

Did you have a bad workout?

Are you upset about that?

Well here’s a news flash for you….nobody cares about it as much as you do so suck it up and move on. The worst thing you can do is sit around and mope about it. Your body is probably trying to tell you something when a workout doesn’t go well- like maybe you are tired or maybe you aren’t recovering enough or maybe you were just not up for it mentally.

If you hang around in your own mental misery you won’t actually learn anything. If you look at it objectively maybe you can take something useful from it. When you have a bad workout the single worst thing you can do is let your self-esteem or self worth be dependent on it. And by dwelling on it you waste precious life time- time you don’t get back- time you could use to do something enjoyable like eating ice cream or hanging out with your friends.

Be passionate about what you do- YES. But don’t dwell in your own self-misery after a workout that doesn’t go well. Losers do that…..champions get on with living.



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