Triathlon Coach Kylie Acford

Kylie Acford


Kylie has a passion for sport. Active living and racing have been a huge part of her life from a young age. Her parents entered her in her first triathlon when she was 7. Since then she has competed in swimming, running and triathlon events but fell in love with coaching when she was 16. She now has 14 years of coaching experience but has focused on triathlon, particularly triathlon swimming, for the last 5 years. Since moving back to Victoria 3 years ago, she has worked with many of the triathlon clubs and coached a wide range of age groups and abilities from novice to professional athletes. Kylie strives to keep her technical and coaching knowledge as current as possible- she is an enthusiastic student of the sport. Kylie continues to be an avid competitor in triathlon events consistently leading her age group. As a new mom she understands the delicate balance required to take part while also being engaged in a full work and family life.



Canadian Sports Institute- CSI carded High Performance Triathlon Coach

CSI Competition Development

NCCP Level 1 Triathlon

NCCP Level 1&2 Swimming

ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) Level 1&2

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  1. Hi,
    Are there any coaches who will do private swim lessons at Esquimalt Rec Centre, with a focus on improving speed for a triathlon? I love swimming, but repeatedly am the last one out of the water at a triathlon. Yes, I’m that slow. I need help in getting faster. I’m doing the Elk Lake Tri again in 2 months.
    Thank you in advance for responding.

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